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12 Bottle Essential Oil...

12 Bottle Essential Oil Gift Set, 12 Bottle

Our 12 Bottle Essential Oil Starter Kit includes the following oils in 15 mL glass amber bottles with dropper tops: •   Lemon Oil: Zesty-sweet, tart aroma •   Rosemary Oil: Crisp, piney aroma •   Orange Oil Sweet: Tangy, sweet aroma •   4 Thrive Oil: Spicy and earthy aroma, with notes of licorice •   Clove Oil: Darkly earthy and bittersweet-spicy aroma •   Bergamot Oil: Appealing floral and citrus aroma •   Eucalyptus Oil: Bright, crisp, full-bodied aroma •   Frankincense Oil: Lemony-sweet aroma with hints of warm balsamic •   Peppermint Oil: Bold, minty aroma •   Lavender Oil: Floral aroma with woody undertones •   Tea Tree Oil: Woody, fresh aroma •   Cedarwood Oil: Woody and sweet aroma