Doctors' Research, Aller-Lung Support - 90Caps

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Imagine just one supplement that contains foods that have been shown to help with perennial and/or seasonal allergy symptoms:

  • sneezing

  • congestion

  • phlegm accumulation

  • runny nose

  • red eyes

  • teary eyes

  • watery eyes

  • histamine release

The immune system is quite complex, but when it reacts to normally harmless foods and pollens allergies, sinus complaints, and/or asthma can result (although there are many possible causes of asthma). Of course, not all airborne substances are harmless, as tobacco smoke, fires, and environmental pollutants also seem to contribute to allergies and asthma [1].  And all of these problems can cause or worsen sinus, lung, and bronchial congestion. Throughout the past couple of centuries, many Foods have been consumed to help reduce the histamine-type reactions that allergies tend to produce.

Note: People with allergies can be allergic to many things, including herbs used with allergies.  Also, if one has some type of Staphylococci infection, it is normally best to avoid bovine (cow) dairy and sometimes oat-containing products. 

The 100% Food Aller-Lung Support formula contains herbs that can help support the lungs and sinuses.  For people with year-round or seasonal allergies, naturally-inclined doctors advise Food Aller-Lung Support.

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