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SHREDZ Pre-Workout Supplement Increases Energy and Boosts Performance


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ENERGIZE THE RIGHT WAY: The perfect way to kick-start your daily workout routine! Give your body the premium fuel it needs to get job done. 

PROVEN INGREDIENTS: Our safe and trusted blend of ingredients are hand picked by experts and tested by real athletes to ensure you receive the right balance of nutrients prior to your workout. Active ingredients include: Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Choline, Taurine, L-Tyrosine, Theacrine, and Beta Alanine among others. This non-habit-forming blend will get you hooked on one thing though,


ENHANCE STRENGTH: Never walk out of the gym feeling drained again. Get that extra drive and motivation to maximize your efforts. Whether you are bodybuilding or trying to lose weight, this is the perfect fuel to propel you through your toughest workouts. With SHREDZ in the driver's seat you'll be sure to feel great while you hit your daily targets

DELICIOUS TASTE: SHREDZ has worked with professional athletes and customers just like you to create a tasty pre-workout blend that will make you want another glass! Our very own Fruit Punch flavor is both tasty and refreshing and will put you in the zone to make some massive gains. Enjoy

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