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Clean Nutraceuticals Calmagain Gaba + 5HTP Combo x 60 Caps

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  • Advanced GABA Supplements For Women and Men – Our product takes a GABA L-Theanine Supplement and Ashwagandha Supplements and combines them in powder form with L-Tryptophan 500mg and a 5-HTP 200mg and the results are amazing. Normal L Theanine Supplement contain smaller dosages like l theanine 100mg and l theanine 150 mg. However, Clean Nutra has officially created an even more potent all in one supplement.
  • The All In One 5 HTP Supplement You’ve Been Looking For – Clean Nutra CalmAgain provides multiple full-dose products in one Mood Support & Balance Support complex containing a full L-Theanine 200mg and GABA Supplement in a convenient 2 capsule dosage. Finally a bigger supplement than GABA 100mg, L-Theanine 100 mg, and 5 HTP 100 mg have been packed into one convenient solution.
  • Introducing the CalmAgain All In One Supplement – In addition to containing large milligram dosages of L-Theanine 200mg and many 5 HTP Supplements, our formula also contains a whopping 750mg of GABA Powder. This is a powerful alternative to GABA 500mg, L Theanine 100 mg, Ashwagandha 1000mg, and less potent Ashwagandha Capsules. Not your average L-Theanine Supplements, Ashwagandha Pills, and 5-HTP Powder.
  • A Powerful 5-HTP Supplement with Theanine 200mg Capsules – CalmAgain is overflowing with potent htp 5 powder, tryptophan 500mg capsules, l-theanine 200mg, SAMe, L-Glycine, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B6, Magnesium Glycinate, and L Tyrosine. Clear out the countless l theanine drops, 5 htp gummies, tryptophan drops, and aswagandha gummies that are lesser and choose just one inclusive supplement from Clean Nutraceuticals.


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